Playing with Font, Colour and Composition

So, we have been having a little play around with colour, font and composition…


for this little bit of research I first of all started by choosing a piece of writing…(i chose the owl and the pussy-cat) I tried to change the writing to both look good and say something about the actual piece, for example I changed the pea green boat line green, I put some of the text on a slant, and for the owls poem I changed the alignment to the right of the page. I also had a little play with the leading and the tracking which I think had a small but pleasant effect.

For the next part of the research I created two web banners…

for the first I tried to make the banner look smart and corporate by using blue, techy kind of font.

I then went on to make this banner…

For this banner I thought rather then changing the layout and imagery I would try and get a far more casual look simply by changing the colour and the font type. I think I did ok.

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