Website comparison 2

Here are two more examples similar organisations having very different web pages. This time looking at the different target audiences for the two websites, I want to discuss the methods the two web sites use to do their own specific jobs. The two websites I am looking at are both music and arts venues. The first being the Royal Opera House in London. A very upmarket and world famous opera venue that targets the wealthy classical music lovers. The second is the Basement, a small arts venue that focus on out there and bizarre acts in a very grungy and underground location.


The first of the two websites is clearly aimed to an older and more “refined” audience, the classical imagery/wallpaper in the background matched with the flashes of red give the page an almost regimental feel but at the same time quite delicate.
The overall navigation of the site is also quite simple and straight forward with clear button that underline when scrolled over, accompanied by the blatantly oversized text it is made quite obvious that this site is catering for the senior target audience among us. This being said the site does not exclude anyone in its design or usage making it approachable by all yet a little bit plain Jane.


The second website is for a small underground arts venue in Brighton. Despite going for a completely different audience the colour scheme of the second web site is not a million miles away from the ‘ROH’. It once again uses flashes of red and red text over a mid-tone coloured background. Importantly the difference is that the Basement uses a light brown almost sepia colour rather than a grey, this gives it a grungy and edgy feel.
The navigation is also a little less obvious on this web site using arrows and pop ups below the menu items but it is in my opinion still fairly obvious and straight forward on how to get around this site. The imagery on the other hand can be quite striking and although inoffensive, the bold colours and uneasy composition may prove a bit of an eye sore to some.

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