Website comparison

Here are my two examples of Dance organisations web pages. In my opinion the first web site is a very poor web site. Both sites are aimed at similar target audiences which are people interested in dance in each companies specific region. Both companies approach to their web pages have quite similar in ways, i.e. web site layout but the end results are quite different


There are no images at all on the page which for a visual arts company I think is pretty rubbish.
The use of social media in the form of the face book feed on the right hand side is a nice touch but the two logos along the top for face book and twitter look awkward placed and too small for the purpose. The email address below this also looks very out of place. I also think the logo design is poor. The fact it is absolute black over absolute white means the contrast is far too harsh and makes it pretty horrible to look at.
I also think the way the end of the ā€˜Gā€™ coming down the page finishes very abruptly and this would be far more effective if it linked with the black strip running across the page although this is a kind of dark brown grey colour makes the page look mismatched.
The grey border around the main area of the page makes this site look half hearted and even quite dated. All of the fonts on this page are different fonts and if you put this with the font colour being different on a lot of the headings this makes all the text look once again very mismatched and once unfinished.


I personally think the second web site is a far more attractive and professional looking page. Even though it uses a lot of different colours this has been done in a way to make the site look bright and colourful and all together complete. This is also mirrored in the logo design which uses a few different bright and complimentary colours.
I think the overall layout is similar to the previous with the different columns although far more effective in the result. The use of the banner/header image along the top is a nice visual and great way to utilise space which would otherwise be empty. The image is also reflective of the colours used on the rest of the site.
I also like the use of the images on the right which give a taste of what the company does. This along with the graphic on the left hand side of the page make the page itself seem full and informative and that is before you even read any words.
I like the use of bold text and bullet points too as this means the information is a lot easier to digest. The charcoal grey font colour means the contrast is less rough on the eye but it is still clear enough to easily see and read through the information.

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